What’s For Dinner?

Cauliflower Canapees

One of the most popular questions which guests ask in resort is “what’s for dinner” and not suprisingly so given the depth and variety of flavours on offer.Salad Starter

Each chalet chef prepares a weekly menu based on the best ingredients available, the allergies or preferences of the guests staying, and their own cooking experience. This flexible approach allows the chefs to ensure that you get the best possible experience in the chalet.

Unlike eating in a restaurant, our team work hard to ensure that the food which you are eating suits you. Hate mushrooms but love lamb? No problem. Vegan and can’t eat gluten? No problem. Want the recipie for the dish you had yesterday so you can try it at home? With pleasure!

Delicious Duck

For our chefs one of the benefits of working in the alps is the chance to experience cooking with the excellent variety of ingredients, both local to the region, and from other areas of France. Some firm favourites are the excellent duck; delicious chestnuts; tasty pears; crunchy fresh baguettes and of course the local cured meats and cheeses. What's For Dinner

The final course each evening is a cheese course, giving you the opportunity to sample the local cheeses for which this region is famous. Each evening we present a different cheese, telling you a bit about it and how it is made. Can you tell your winter beaufort from your summer beaufort? Or taste the difference in the layers of Morbiere? Give it a go and let us know!




Photo Credit: Campanules, Flocon and Edelweiss Teams 2019-20 season