Covid Guarantee

Book Ice and Fire with confidence

Ice and Fire Covid Cover

Our Covid-19 holiday guarantee means you can book with confidence and have total peace of mind knowing your holiday is in our hands.

– The required deposit of £200 per person to secure your booking remains the same.

The Final Balance
– The Final balance due date remains the same.
– Final balance will be due 10 weeks before your travel date. This will be reviewed closer to the time. This payment will not be taken if there is any chance of a future lockdown or restrictions.

Travel Insurance with Covid in Mind
– We strongly encourage our guests to have adequate travel insurance cover.

Deferral of your holiday
– Ice and Fire is not an insurance company and as such the pressure of offering refunds and deferrals comes at a cost to us. The setting up and running of a chalet business comes with unrecoverable initial costs each season in terms of rent, insurance, staff, VAT and more. For this reason, after the final payments have been made and we commit to provide your holiday the only cancellation option is a deferral of funds to the following year.

The Small Print
– In the event of your chalet, our resort, or country having to close due to Covid-19 or should a travel ban be enforced in the UK or in France after full payment has been made (10 weeks before departure) we will defer your holiday until the next year or further on in the same year if the ban is lifted.
– In the event of you or anyone on the booking contracting Covid-19 prior to their holiday, meaning you or the person can no longer come; we will not be offering a refund or deferral.
– If you wish to cancel your holiday for a reasons not listed below, Ice and Fire have the right to retain your deposit.
– If your cancelation is a consequence of one of the reasons listed below, we will be more than happy to defer your holiday in the form of a credit voucher against a future holiday with us.

What counts as a Covid related cancelation?

  • National Travel Ban – from the country of origin or your incoming airport.
  • National lockdown – in the country of origin preventing travel.
  • Resort / Full ski area closure – including the dates of your stay up to the day of arrival

Should your holiday be cancelled for any of the reasons stated above, all payments made will be automatically converted into a voucher for credit against a future holiday with Ice and Fire at the advertised price of the chalet at your new chosen dates.


What happens if Covid disrupts my holiday ?

– In the event of Covid interrupting your holiday after your arrival, no refund will be available.
– In the event of outbreak, Ice and Fire endeavour to help you in every way possible to return to the UK.

I’ve booked a holiday but I’m now unsure about travelling…

Should you or anyone on the booking make the decision not to travel due to Covid-19, Ice and Fire will not be able to offer a refund nor a deferral.

What happens if myself or one of the travelling guest is isolating prior to the holiday and can no longer make it?

If anyone in your party contracts Covid-19 or has to isolate prior to your holiday and can no longer make it, Ice and Fire will not be liable for a refund.
It would be down to your travel insurance to issue financial help in this situation. It is really important that you read the small print in your travel insurance and choose an insurance provider covering this situation.
Your deposit will be retained by Ice and Fire to cover ongoing costs relating to your holiday. If you are part of a group, you can to find other travelers or have the rest of the group cover the difference. We will endeavour to help fill any unexpected vacancy. Should we be able to find a replacement guest, we will of course refund the deposit in full.

Our Commitment to Cleaning

We take cleanliness very seriously. We know that it is particularly important to our guests as well. All our staff are thoroughly trained pre-season and seek guidance on cleaning and safety protocols at the time of your stay.

You can rest assured that we will always adhere to the following:

Prepare for cleaning with appropriate protective wear and cleaning supplies. Using appropriate disinfectants to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Wearing the necessary protective gear where appropriate.

Clean each surface by removing dust and dirt. Following detailed cleaning checklists for cleaning each room.

Sanitise all frequently touched surfaces, including doorknobs, cupboards, switches, electronic devices etc. Staff and guests will sanitise their hands on arrival. Alcohol gel is available in the chalets.

Checks from management that the above is applied by chalet staff.

Finalise the preparation of the chalet for the next arriving guests, ensuring a minimum of 7 hours between guests to ensure throughout cleaning has been completed throughout the Chalet.

We are staying positive and we hope that Covid is soon behind us with the vaccination process in full swing in both the UK and France. As a guest with Ice and Fire you will not forfeit any of the funds you have paid. For any clarification on this issue or if you have any questions at all, please call us on 00441172 510 103 or email us at