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Off Piste Tracks La Plagne

Responsible Tourism

We at Ice and Fire believe that, although skiing is not in its nature an environmentally friendly activity, together we can make efforts to minimize its impact and preserve our mountains for future generations.

What we will do...


  •     Try and move all paperwork towards becoming an electronic paperless system
  •     Be mindful of turning off unused electrical items at plug sockets
  •     Provide eco complimentary toiletries with biodegradable packaging
  •     Use energy saving light bulbs in the chalet
  •     Recycle glass and packaging from the chalet
  •     Keep food wastage to a minimum
  •     Be conscious of the amount of water we use
  •     Close windows, turn down heating and turn off lights when possible
  •     Source supplies locally where possible to minimize impact of transport


What you can do...


In the chalet:

  •     Choose not to have the optional mid-week towel change
  •     Only take a robe if you intend to use it
  •     Be mindful of turning off unused electrical items at plug sockets
  •     Be conscious of the amount of water you use
  •     Close windows, turn down heating and turn off lights, when possible
  •     Put your rubbish into the correct recycling bins


In the resort:

  •     Try to use public transport or walk, where possible, to help reduce traffic congestion
  •     Try to use local bars, shops, restaurants and businesses to help support the local economy
  •     Do not ski over roads, peoples gardens, or on public footpaths
  •     Do not litter
  •     Be respectful of the local community and keep noise levels down at night
  •     Embrace the local traditions and customs of the area in order to help maintain its cultural identity


On the slopes:

  •     Don't ski off-piste in conservation or banned areas
  •     Do not walk or ski over sapling trees
  •     Be mindful not to disturb the local wildlife, keeping human impact to a minimum
  •     Do not drop litter on the mountain – a cigarette end takes up to five years to decompose!

By making these efforts to minimize our impact on the environment here in the Alps, we can ensure that it continues to be a fantastic place to visit, whilst retaining the goodwill of the local people living here.


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