The Four Corners of La Plagne!

We’ve had a few weeks of gorgeous weather, and our last day off was no exception. We usually head for Les Arcs on our day off to make the most of having a full day of skiing, but today we had our sights set on La Plagne. Our goal was to ski the four corners of the resort in one day; that is to ski to the top of the Bellecotte glacier, and the bottom of Montchavin, Champagny and Plagne Montalbert.

La Plagne Viewpoint

La Plagne Viewpoint

We set off just after the lifts had opened, and headed up the Grande Rochette to Champagny. Our aim was to get down to Champagny, and hopefully by the time we were back up again the Glacier would have opened (it is the last area of the resort to open in the morning). We skied down a steep red Kamikaze, which was lovely in the sunshine, and all the way down to find…that the two red runs down to Champagny village were closed. No matter! We decided to press on and if we had time come back later to see if the runs had opened.

La Plagne Skiing

La Plagne Skiing

Up the Roche de Mio we went, aiming for the Glacier…to find that they were delaying it’s opening for a few hours while they prepared the pistes. We were hoping to take red Inversens and black Crozats down towards Les Coches, but we were disappointed to find that they weren’t open either! Just as we were about to head down to Plagne Bellecotte however, the runs opened! We skied down my favourite combination of runs- Inversens is a nice moderate red, and Crozats is a reasonably gentle black. At the bottom of Crozats you have the option of getting a chairlift up or continuing down a blue piste carrying a warning: Route des Bauches is a 3km blue track with 2km of it so flat that you have to pole along it. Hence we call it the ‘poley-poley run’. Most people hate it, especially those who stumble across it by accident, but it is very pretty and one of my favourite runs!

Easter Skiing Snow

Easter Skiing Snow

We managed to reach Montchavin, our first proper corner. It was only 11am and it felt like we’d been skiing for ages! 5 chairlifts later, we were back up the Roche de Mio because the glacier was now open! After drinking some well-received hot lemon squash on the gondola, we emerged to a fantastic view. At the top of the Traversee chairlift we headed for the red run Combes. It hadn’t been pisted since the last big snowfall so the snow was surprisingly deep, and we had a lot of fun ‘off-piste skiing on the piste’ as we call it!

We then made a beeline for Champagny again, because I’d seen on a sign that the runs down to the village were open. First we did the red run Bois, which is a nice run winding through the trees all the way down. We then decided to give the other red, Mont de la Guerre, a go. This red goes from the top of the Verdons peak, and turned out to be possibly the most random run we have ever done. It started with a long traverse along a narrow track around the mountain, became a long stretch of nice moguls, then a windy track past some farmhouses, followed by some rather large and icy moguls. It was a challenge! The run is hardly ever open, and we could tell why!

Montalbert was last on our list. We went down twice, doing our favourite two of the many lovely red runs through the trees. We had an app which was calculating our distance for the day, and it read 48km. We wanted to make it 50, so we skied a blue run close to home until the lifts shut. We had achieved our goal, even doing some points twice, and we ended up skiing 58km excluding lifts. But the stats didn’t matter because we’d had such a fantastic day.

Our next challenge? Plagne Montalbert and the Glacier in La Plagne, and the Aiguille Rouge down to Villaroger in Les Arcs!

Written by Chloe, Bon Vie Chalet Host

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New Chalets For Ice and Fire

New for the 2016-17 season Ice and Fire are excited to welcome Chalets Flocon and Edelweiss to our program.

BH258R Woman sits in a jacuzzi looking out at luxury mountain view with a bottle of champagne in

Relaxing in a Jacuzzi

The chalets are brand new properties being designed and builtfor Ice and Fire in the centre of Les Coches, just 200m from the piste.

Both properties will have sauna, jacuzzi, games area, beautiful lounge with mountain views, and a comfortably luxurious feel.

See Chalet Flocon                        See Chalet Edelweiss

Chilling in the sauna

Chilling in the sauna

Each chalet will sleep 16 guests in 8 en-suite bedrooms. Or why not reserve both properties together for a larger group of up to 32 people.

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My Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire are excited to announce the launch of our NEW online pre-arrival service called My Ice and Fire.

Every guest who books with us for the 2016-17 season and beyond will get a login to their own, personalised My Ice and Fire.

This space is specially designed for booked guests to be able to find out information about their holiday and to tell us everything we need to know in order to ensure that their holiday is tailor-made to their requirements.

Want to book a liftpass? Check if your chalet has hairdryers? Let us know about a dietry requirement? Or find out if all of your party have paid their balance?

My Ice and Fire will let you do all of that, and more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -whenever and wherever suits you.

The system is currently in its final phase of testing and will be launched to all existing bookings on the 1st May. Exciting times!


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Black Sheep Igloos at La Plagne

Igloo Dining Room

Last week we got a chance to visit the Black Sheep Igloo Village. Located at the top of the ‘Dou du Praz’, about half an hour walk from Plagne Villages, it is constructed every winter, taking 5 people 14 days to build- a total of 900 hours of work!

We set off along the hiking path from the top of Plagne Village on an extremely blizzardy evening. Wearing our ski goggles was a very good plan! The Dou du Praz (meadow on the hill) is home to Cross-country skiing trails, hiking paths, husky dog sledding, a sledging area and some ski pistes, but the path was empty as we walked through the fog, following the flashing lights leading to the Igloo.IMG_3552

We were greeted by a roaring outdoor fire surrounded by comfy cushions, and were offered some vin chaud and nibbles as we explored the fantastic ice structures. The igloos are built with more than 1200m3 of snow (more than five times the size of an Airbus A380 luggage compartment.) Inflatable stuctures are set up, and piste groomers help to pile snow on top. After 6 hours, the structures are removed from the middle, and workers begin to skillfully shape the inside.IMG_3556

The igloo village consists of three dining/ communal rooms with tables and chairs covered in fur rugs, and a corridor leading to the sleeping areas. Walking along the corridor, there are holes cut into the walls, inside which are chambers full of mattresses, sleeping bags and fur blankets! Anyone staying the night here is sure to be cosy!

IMG_3536Guests can go an visit the igloo for drinks, dinner (a homemade 5-cheese fondue!), and/ or to stay the night. The igloo also offers guided snowshoe hikes to allow you to see the beautiful mountains by twilight.

For anyone who has dreamed of spending the night in something made entirely of ice, this is a chance you do not want to miss!


Written by Chloe and Emma, Chalet Bon Vie

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First Tracks!! Be the first on the slopes!

The first tracks is a chance to experience the slopes the way they should be, Unused and smooth you can get a chance to put the first turns into the slopes.

First Tracks At Dawn

On the slopes before dawn!

The day begins….well before the day. You arrive at the bottom of the Grand Rochette around 7.30 in ski or board gear still dark and chilly. You take the lift up and look around to see the one of the prettiest sight you will see….the sun rising over the mountains. A once in a lifetime sight!

Once the sun is shining you all gather round a guide who explains all the different peaks that are visible from the view.

Lost in the Peaks

Lost in the Peaks

I was lucky to have someone translate for me but I do know that it is possible to see over 300 peaks from one spot at the top. (I couldn’t count them all)


Accompanied by ski patrollers and guides you then take your first crack at the untouched slope. It has snowed the day before so it was as fresh as it could be and I loved it. The snow was as good as I thought it was. Carving was so natural to do. You take the first tracks all the way back down to the grand rochette to take the lift back up for breakfast to help continue the day. The breakfast is a traditional french one consisting of bread, cheese ham and other things along with a hot drink to warm up.

First tracks is all about being and first on the slope and seeing the beauty of what La Plagne can be. A little touch of paradise is my opinion and experience but don’t take my word for it. Give it a shot and see for yourself!!

A little piece of paradise.

A little piece of paradise.


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