Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Winter is most definitely on it’s way – check out a few snowy pics from 5th November!

The Roche de Mio in the snow

The Roche de Mio in the snow

Bergerie Lift

Bergerie Lift

Grand Rochette snow 5th Nov

Grand Rochette snow 5th Nov

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Responsible Tourism For Ice and Fire

Here at Ice and Fire we have always believed that a caring attitude to the environment can go hand in hand with running a ski company.

In fact, we belive that environmentally and socially responsible tourism is perhaps at its most important in the ski industry where the livelihood of whole regions depends on predictable annual snowfalls.

Biodegradable toiletries

Biodegradable toiletries

Although skiing is not in it’s nature an environmentally friendly activity, we and our team do our best to minimise our impact on the environment as much as is reasonably practical.

This year for the first time we have a written environmental policy on our website.

Shared transfers

Shared transfers

The aim of the policy is to let you know what we have in place already, and to suggest some things which you as guests can do to help keep our chalets running in an environmentally friendly manner. You can read the full policy here: http://www.ice-fire.co.uk/about-us/responsible-tourism-policy


Got some thoughts or suggestions? Please click reply to let us know – we’d love to hear what you think.

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Winter’s on it’s way!

Here at Ice and Fire we’re counting down the days until the start of the winter season and we can’t wait! The cold weather is coming, there is frost on the ground in the mornings and the first snowfalls have arrived in the resorts.

Snow 23rd October 2014

Snow 23rd October 2014

The first heavy snowfalls of the season fell on the 22nd October with initial coverage down to around 900m although the lowest snowfalls initially melted relatively quickly. Coverage on the glaciers is good and a base is beginning to build ready for the winter season.

Locals are beginning to prepare for the snowfalls too and all across the region farmers are bringing their animals down from the mountains in preperation for the arrival of winter.

New Colossus Lift

New Colossus Lift

In La Plagne the lift pass company is hard at work as well making sure that the finishing touches to the new chairlift from Bellecote are completed, as well as testing the other lifts and trying to get as much routine maintinance as possible done before the snow arrives.

At Ice and Fire we’re beginning preparing for the season too – and we can’t wait! During this pre-season time we keep ourselves busy ordering everything we will need for the winter, preparing the chalets, planning the chalet team training and generally getting excited. Not long to go now!

Want to be first on the slopes this winter? We’ve still got a few spaces left for 13th – 20th December in Chalet Genepi – get in touch to find out more.

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La Plagne Changes for 2014-15

With the summer season well and truly under way in La Plagne, work has begun on the changes being implemented for the 2014-15 winter season.

La_Plagne_Chairlift (10 of 33)

Work on the new chairlift in Bellecote

In Bellecote the old Colossus chairlift (construc

ted in 1992) and drag lift (constructed in 1971), are being replaced with one new chairlift. The new lift, which will follow the route of the old lift almost exactly is expected to be faster, more modern and more comfortable. In addition, the new lift will be an eight-seater significantly increasing the capacity of the previous four seater to a projected 4400 skiiers per hour at peak times. Assuming projections are correct this will make it the most efficient in France!

Chairlift parts waiting and ready

Chairlift parts waiting and ready

With this new installation the old Leitchoums drag lift which was previously situated in Bellecote will be moved to Plagne Soleil linking it to the Dou Du Praz. Work for this part of the project won’t start until the La Plagne summer season is over, schedualled for September and October.

La_Plagne_Chairlift (3 of 33)

New Colossus chairlift

This summer also sees the continuation of the Montalbert piste and lift preperation work ready for an expected high speed cable car. As La Plagne regulars will know last season the Coqs chairlift was removed and instead skiiers going to/from Montalbert used the Cornegidoulle piste which became the only link between the two areas.

La_Plagne_Chairlift (5 of 33)

Using a crane to fit chairlift pieces

This summer sees the beginning of planned piste improvement work designed to significantly re-profile the piste making it wider, less steep, reduce speed and make it safer for newer skiiers. The work will concentrate especially on the bottom section (after the Pravendue turn off) where the line and profile of the piste will change.

The Montalbert cable car plan has suffered numerous set-backs over the last few years however things seem to now be back on track with initial work on the cable car schedualled to begin this autumn. A completion date hasn’t yet been announced however those in the know seem to think that it is likely to be opening it’s doors for Christmas 2015.

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A New Chalet For Ice and Fire

Bluebell_Afternoon_Tea_200Here at Ice and Fire HQ we are excited and pleased to welcome Chalet Bluebell to our 2014-15 winter season program.

Chalet Bluebell is located in Plagne 1800 and is in a great location just a short walk from the piste, shops, bars and restaurants. Bluebell_Arty_800x400

The chalet itself has a cosy lounge with nice open fire and a big dining table with plenty of seating in front of a modern open plan kitchen.

Outside is a covered terrasse which, new for next year, will have an outdoor sauna and games area – a first for Ice and Fire.

Bluebell_Bedroom_Double_800x400There are four bedrooms on the ground floor and one on the middle floor, each with their own en-suite bathroom.

On the top floor there is one en-suite bedrooms and then two other bedrooms which share a bathroom. Overall the chalet sleeps 16 guests in 8 bedrooms.

Bluebell_Boot_Heaters_600x400Since we signed up the chalet we’ve been busy here at Ice and Fire getting everything sorted and ready.

Photos are taken, prices and availability are live on the website and we’re busily making plans for a few little changes before the season.

Want to know more? Check out the website http://www.ice-fire.co.uk/fully-catered-chalets-with-complimentary-bar/bluebell-sleeps-1-16


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