Why we love Febuary skiing?

Its Febuary! January is a thing of the past and so are those new years resolutions… all the chocolate at easter time is still so far away so whats there to look forward to?

Well out here in the alps we have brilliant blue skys, the weather is starting to heat up, but the snow is still here. Its time to get the best of both worlds, sun and snow.

And if that isn’t enough Ice and Fire are offering a great discount on the week 22nd February – 1st March in our Plagne 1800 chalets. Prices are reduced down to just £450 per person, fully catered with no single supplement. There are only 10 rooms left for these dates so get in touch to grab a great holiday!

photo today

Photo: The author on the Mont Blanc piste today

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DCIM100GOPRO Today we Hiked to the top of the Mont St Jacques 2407m. We then boarded off the top along a small way along the ridge and then striaght down do towards the St Jacques piste. it was a beautiful if not a little tiring walk as for the run down check out the video below (powder link) and judge for yourself the conditions.

powder < = = click here for video


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Sometimes ice is good

I wanted to do something different this week before the epic snow arrived so we looked around and found there is an ice cave on the Belcotte Glacier. In a up for anything mood me and 2 of chalet campules staff decided to head up and see what it was like.


Expecting a simple tunnel into the side of the mountain we were not disapointed when low and behold we walk throught the entrance, a simple tunnel into the mountain, which we all found impresive. As we explored a little deeper we started becomeing aware the walls are no longer just an ice tunnel but have intricate carvings into them.

Even further in we go and the tunnel opens wider and wider with even more grand carvings such as rhinos and elephants and even a gaint human face and hand


Checking out the ‘Ice cave experience’ was a great way to spend some time on the mountain and while we was up there wasted no time in taking in the amazing views and the nicer snow, although after yesterdays dump we are not struggling for nice snow anymore in resort for sure.


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Looking Forward to Easter

EasterBunnyCloseUpSnowSummit570The mountains over Easter are a great place to be, you have the slopes, the sun, you can bring the kids along, what more could you want?

How about great offers and exciting summits around La Plagne?

For the weeks of 5th – 12th or 12th – 19th April every two adult Paradiski passes that you book, you’ll receive one child Paradiski pass free of charge!

On top of that great news 6 of the peaks over 2000m will have different experiences located on them.

The top of the Bécoin there will be sand, deckchairs, beach huts, performers & a DJ!

The Arpette will have Taï Chi lessons, a Jacuzzi, a sauna and massage all with relaxing music playing!

My favourite will be the reindeer and huskies making home in the ‘Lapp village’ atop the Grande Rochette!

At the Roche De Mio there will be a giant air bag and other adrenalin based activites! For the Le Fornelet a Candy-filled cabin and especially for the kids La Rossa will boast ‘bouncy structures’.

To top it all off the best news of all has to be we have space in three of our chalets with a price reduction in chalet Bluebell.


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First Tracks Experience

La Plagne offer a first tracks experience on most Wednesdays of the season for a small cost of 12€ as long as you have a valid ski pass.

The lucky man that I am I got to experience what ‘first tracks’ entails.

Our morning starts with meeting at the funiplagne lift in Plagne Centre before 8am which takes us up to the Grande Rochette 2505m where a a gentleman from the piste patrol  highlights all the key features of the surrounding area. We then follow one of the piste patrol down perfectly bashed pistes back to the lift for one more go up before the lifts open for the rest of resort. At the top for the second time we are ushered into the restaurant and provided which coffee or hot chocolate and a selection of breakfast nibbles. Once finished we are free to go in any direction we like with the pistes still completely empty apart from our group. I then Managed to get at least free more nice long runs before seeing another person, all on perfect pistes.

The whole experience was incredible, the views, the piste conditions, the lack of people, it really was a great start to the day.

photofirst track

First tracks <== please click to watch a taster of the expericne through my eyes



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